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Our journey began long before the Internet was around. Back then business was conducted on an *BBS

Our CEO (Derek Langhorn) started developing sites and online games in the mid 80's. Then Online communication was facilitated on what were called "Bulletin Board Systems" also know as an *BBS.  A slow modem (as featured in the photo above) was the transfer tool,  it's speed was a mere 300 baud (ouch) look that up for comparison and for a good laugh. 

Today we conduct and connect business owners and clients with products and services globally

Ultimately, our goal is to Increase awareness for your Brand.

Utilizing development skills combined with social media and new world trends to put you ahead of your competition.
Developing websites with high impact Designs backed with powerful Search engine optimization a.k.a SEO. 


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Selecting the proper brand name for your business domain name is not as simple as it may seem. 

SEO are factors also to consider when registering a domain name. Many things come in to play for choosing the correct name for your business. 

Finding a domain name that has not been registered can be a hard task. Most good names have already been registered, so finding a great name is even harder.

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Logging into the Control Panel, Domain Names, Hosting, Site Lock,  Code Guard,  Digital Certificates, Order Management, DNS,  Domain / URL Forwarding, Free Email Service, Customer Control Panel Guide, Webhosting. Domain names. Cpanel support, Severs Support, advise or answer any questions you may have about branding.


:: web design :: 

Uniting clients and customers worldwide since 1998. Our creative development team continually proves a leader in high impact designs. We develop designs that are fresh and easy to navigate. Designs tailored and made for view on laptops and Mobile devices.

Bottom line, we will increase your web presence, traffic and click through ratios.
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:: search engine optimization - seo :: 

Search engine optimization is a crucial part of any web site. You can offer the best product in the world and have the best prices too, but if surfers/customers can not find your site you are doomed to fail.

This is why Search Engine Optimization is vital, and it is the lifeblood of your bottom line.

Traffic = Profit$

Why you Need to be Doing SEO Today

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:: Mobile Text Marketing :: 

Drive page views "with conversions" to your online business. Drive floor traffic to your brick and mortar business. Help your brick and mortar business boom on those slow days.

Connect consumers with goods, services and great deals, globally or in your own city or neighborhood.

Mobile Campaigns Increase profits! Virtually overnight.

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:: Insta-Brand domain names Brokerage :: 

Buy developed and un-developed Domain names for your brand. A name means everything when building a Brand.
Currently more than 100 Brandable domains for sale.

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