SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Our “Search Engine Optimization” Guarantee! Your website is on PAGE #1 of all the important search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo. Research and data shows. You can have the best looking website in the world and at the best prices. If customer can not find your website on Page #1  it will likely fail due to low traffic. This is why Search Engine Optimization is vital, and it is the lifeblood of your bottom line. Traffic = Profit$. Get your website on Page #1

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We assist our clients in managing their CRM activities for higher customer satisfaction. We apply process and strategies proven for increasing revenues, resulting in solid growth. Our deep understanding of customer handling skills along with superior processes revamp our clients CRM management. Our effective CRM strategies minimize the customer cycle and resolve queries and issues in a swift manner for higher customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management

We manage all your inventory needs with our Software as a Service. Our SaaS designed by automotive industry experts for automotive inventory management. Integrates with all web platforms and any Brand looking for dynamic inventory push and pull updates across all top channels including  social media marketplace Integration.

IT Solutions

Global IT Solutions and Security. Complete Web Hosting Services. Dedicated and Managed Servers with Data Backup and Recovery. SSL Certificates. Spam & Malware Protection. Shopping cart solutions. Live chat solutions for customer engagement. With over 80 years combined experience our team has your IT solutions and your peace of mind. Live 24 x 7 Servers Monitoring. Our philosophy: when you succeed we succeed too.

Domain Names

Domain Registry Department a Brandable Group company offers all Domain Name Registrations. We manage all aspects of your Brand. Including name registration, renewals and development of your online (Brand) website. Including Managed Web Hosting services. We Develop your current or existing Brand. Buying a domain for any reason should not be taken without some thought. Contact us today about domain registrations.

Hardware Electronics Branding

With overseas partners in electronics we provide full Brand development. Right from the factory to the stores. Including online developed with E-commerce shopping cart solutions, payment processing and security.

Software Engineering Development

Our in-house Platform Software Development skills are second to none. Including mobile application development, gaming platforms, finance, security. Programming in all code we bring your brainchild to fruition with new trends, raw code and assure Brand awareness.

Quick Results

Our effective and proven SEO strategies and techniques, combined with superior lead generation methods and Google Analytics will help to increase your website traffic. Including brick and mortar traffic at your dealership. You will notice a surge in leads and potential customers virtually overnight.

Round the clock support

We offer reliable support for managing your CRM activities. Our efficient process handling and quick troubleshooting will let your business operate seamlessly. Our experts operate 24/7 to help our customers resolve any issue they might face.

Uniting clients & customers

Uniting clients & customers worldwide since 1999. BrandableGroup works with you every stage to identify your inventory Needs. Offering Search Engine Optimized Mobile friendly websites with Active Inventory Management. Car Dealer Solutions for Social Media Inventory & Vendor Integrations. CRM Lead Generation & Analytics. We Guarantee you Instant Brand attention with exceptional ROI’s! Utilizing Social Media Trends and Organic SEO Google Traffic.