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Package includes – SEO, Back Links & Twitter Account – Silver Package

(1) Search Engine Optimization AKA SEO
90 days to a #1 Ranking on GOOGLE! For several terms. Guaranteed.
You will have your very own personal SEO Developer who creates search
engine campaigns based on “key words”  and “meta tags” once developed.
Your “SEO Developer” also monitors the search engines and reports the results to you every Friday.
The results are of real-time screen captures from Google. You will receive “SEO” reports right in your email.
Every single week you will know exactly where you rank with the search engines.

(2) Back Links to your website
A minimum of 10 Back links from other websites will point to your domain
name. That’s 10 other sites with a link directly to your site. With confirmation of this sent to you.
This is crucial to a #1 ranking as most search engines consider this in as part of their ranking criteria.

3) Twitter. Social Media Content Creation and Management.
We create your own twitter account and merge it with your website. Creating at least one daily tweet targeted at an audience for your niche. You will also have access to this account for use. Whereby we can teach you how to use Twitter. You will have an understanding how and why twitter is needed.

Monthly investments $699.00 – 90 days to a #1 Ranking on GOOGLE! For several terms. Guaranteed.

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